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Afrikaans sprekende pasiente:





To schedule an appointment with Dr Carl Swanepoel, please contact his rooms at 012 460 1284.

Voice Clinic on a Wednesday and Thursday from 9h00 until 12h00.

Theater for operations on a Monday from 13h00 until 18h00, Tuesdays from 8h00 until 87h00. 

You can speak to Andre at the rooms of Dr Carl Swanepoel for information or a consultation. He will inquire from you what your main problem is in order to schedule you at the appropriate clinic.

Specifically state If your main problem is related to dizziness and balance problems as there are specific consultation slots for dizziness patients.

Please refer to the for more details.

Other Ear, Nose, Head and Neck related problems will be scheduled intermittently during the week.

Some consultations may take longer than others and appropriate planning will assist in the smooth running of daily activities.

The relevant documents listed in the left column need to be completed, preferably before or on the day of your first visit.


The documents contain your personal details, general medical condition, current medication use, surgical history and possible allergies. It also provides us with the necessary information regarding your medical aid.

You can download it and complete it electronically. 

After completion, either:

  • Print, sign, scan, and e-mail it to us; or
  • Save it, e-mail it to us, and sign it when you visit the practice.

Please bring all X-Rays, CT, MRI scans, hearing tests, blood results and medication taken on the day of your consultation.

Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time.

Some patients might be referred to the Radiology Department for CT scans or to the Audiologists for hearing tests.

Although they usually work on appointment basis, they do there utmost to help the patients and perform the tests at the same day of the consultation. You will need to follow up in the rooms after the tests were completed.

If the tests cannot be performed on the same day the patient will need to schedule for the tests on another day and also reschedule an appointment for follow up to discus the results of the special test and the appropriate management afterword