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When would you consider visiting our voice clinic?

  • You have a hoarse or breathy voice that persists for more than 2 weeks.
  • You have lost your voice after an operation on your thyroid gland, neck or any other operation.
  • You have lost your voice after an injury to your neck.
  • Your voice deteriorates in quality as the day progress.
  • Your voice becomes tired or painful after continues voice use.
  • You experience a lump sensation or tightness in your throat.
  • You have loss of voice or no voice (whisper).
  • You are a professional voice user such as an actor, singer, teacher, preacher, attorney or judge and has voice related problems.
  • You struggle with laryngeal spasms when breathing.
  • When referred by another health professional.
  • Patients with coughing or choking of unkown cause.
  • A child with a hoarse voice.
  • Gender related voice problems.
  • Patients with one of the following voice disorders:
    • Muscle Tension Dysphonia
    • Neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Laryngeal Tremor, Vocal Cord Paresis/Paralysis or Spasmodic Dysphonia


We are a multi-professional voice team involved in the assessment and management of voice problems. We see adults and children with voice problems from an organic, functional, neurological and psychological origin. Our typical patients are professional voice users such as singers, teachers, training personnel, lawyers, sales people, actors, preachers and politicians.

Our goal is:

To assist patients with voice problems or laryngeal sensitivity, mostly due to multi- factorial aspects, as a team, by providing a thorough evaluation and intervention plan.

To act in the patient’s best interest; provide quality care for patients with laryngeal complaints and/or vocal pathology; treat each case with respect, care, sensitivity, honesty and uniqueness; privacy & confidentiality; maintaining our knowledge and keep improving our skill levels; and treating other practitioners with respect.


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Speech-language Pathologist & Audiologist: Mrs Giselle Maartens

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist with a special interest in the production of voice. The absence of voice or a voice that is hoarse and breathy or that tires easily presents communication challenges to both the speaker and listener. I qualified in 2002 with a degree in Communication Pathology from the University of Pretoria. During the year 2005 I completed my community service at Dr George Mukhari Hospital. From 2006 I worked in a private practice with a case load that consisted predominantly of audiology and voice therapy. I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and am a member of SASHLA (South African Speech-Hearing-Language Association). Since 2012 I have been in private practice focusing on voice therapy. Continued professional training is vital and ensured by attendance of local and international workshops, seminars and congresses. A background in music and singing contributes to an additional interest in the challenges of professional voice production and singing. I am privileged to be associated with a professional team of which every member has a specific interest in the production of voice, the organic and functional causes of poor/inadequate voice production, and its treatment and improvement.

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist: Dr Carl Swanepoel

Dr. Carl Swanepoel qualified as an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist from the University of Pretoria at the end of 1998 and started his professional career in private practice in Secunda in 1999.

He left Secunda at the end of 2004 to establish an ENT practice in Pretoria at the Life Groenkloof Hospital.

Apart from having a general ENT practice, he has a special interest in patients with voice problems.

He has attended several international courses, workshops and visited a few hospitals to gain more knowledge on voice problems.

He has soon realized that patients with voice problems need a professional voice team approach and has initialized the voice clinic.

Singing Voice Specialist: Mrs Deirdre Blignaut-Rautenbach

Deirdré Blignaut-Rautenbach (soprano) is part of the core team of the LCM Voice Clinic. She obtains a BA (Languages) cum laude at the North-West University, a licentiate in singing cum laude at Unisa, as well as the degree MMus (Performing Art) cum laude at the University of Pretoria where she is supervisor for post-graduate students. She specialises in vocal pedagogy and lectures Voice Method and Practical Singing at UP and teaches singing at various prominent schools in Pretoria. In her private studio she works with children and adults in various singing genres and also provides voice rehabilitation for referred patients. She is a well-known opera, oratorio and especially a concert singer in South Africa, as well as founding member of the opera company Sempre Opera. She regularly attends international conferences and symposiums, where she presents papers and performs.


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