In February 2014 I lost my voice completely (idiopathic) and could only whisper. A physician suggested to see a psychiatrist. The second ENT I saw referred me to Dr Carl Swanepoel who specializes in voice disorders.

Dr Carl Swanepoel performed a video-stroboscopy and identified a right vocal cord paralysis. I was very impressed with the thorough examination done. Voice therapy was recommended prior to the medical procedure. Giselle Maartens (Speech therapist) is the most patient person I have come across. She coached me with voice exercises before and after the voice procedure. I suggest you make use of Giselle’s services which is excellent. Her dedication to you is outstanding.

In April 2015 Dr Swanepoel performed a medialisation thyroplasty with a Kurtz prothesis. After 14 months of just a whisper of a voice, I now have my old voice back. I have a new lease on life. Dr Carl Swanepoel truly has a gift. He is very professional and understanding. I would recommend him and his support team any day.


        Mrs Chantal Buys

28 February 2021

To all patients suffering from severe hoarseness and throat pains. I am proud to testify that I tested positive (COVID 19) in August 2020 where my vocal cord was affected and I couldn’t speak since then until I was referred to Specialist Dr Carl Swanepoel at Pretoria after five months of loosing my voice. I was so frustrated and feel so bad to repeat myself when talking to people who will be telling me that they don’t me. I have to struggle to speak loud which I will affecting my vocal cord. I was admitted at Cintocare hospital on the 15th February 2021 and I was attended by the Speech-language therapist & Audiologist, Giselle Maartens. I had no hope that I will ever have my voice back.  I am proud to tell you that within 3 days of my stay at the hospital I got my voice back. I’m so excited and that the problem that I had is history today. I am a living testimony and I recommend Dr Carl Swanepoel and Giselle Maartens to all patients suffering from ear,nose and throat and those that lost their speech,  Giselle Maartens is your solution. 

Thank you so much my Doctors  may the Lord bless you. 

From Lorato Naomi Ogaseng all the way from Mafikeng North West.